A guided relaxation to help you through the distress of diagnosis

… I want to welcome you to a safe place. A place where you can enjoy respite from what is happening for you in the world outside…

I’m Belinda Hawkins, P.S.H. therapist and founder of the Embracing Chemo programme. I guess the fact that you are reading this page is because you or someone close to you has received some difficult news. And it can be a challenging time, can’t it. I work with people and their families or friends who are dealing with cancer and other serious illnesses. I help them to change unwanted feelings, responses and behaviours they simply don’t want to experience anymore. And we can attach a lot of different feelings to the diagnosis of cancer, can’t we.

This CD is designed to introduce you to a safe place where you can find respite as often as you wish to. A place of peace and calm which can give you the strength to get through. A place where you can feel safe as you leave the world and it’s worries behind. It is my hope that through this CD you will begin the process of healing as you find your own safe place on your journey. And perhaps sooner than you realise, you will rediscover the peace, strength and healing that lies within you…

If you would like to purchase a copy of A Safe Place, for yourself or a friend, please email Belinda at  embracingchemo@bigpond.com

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