• Have you or someone you care about recently been diagnosed with cancer or other serious illness?

  • Do you want to know everything you can about how to make this challenging experience as smooth and easy as possible?

  • Are you seeking to develop your mental and emotional resilience to help heal your body?

  • When would now be a good time to alleviate your fear and anxiety for the road ahead?



Most people don’t realise there is an easier way

The fact is: there IS an EASIER way. I know because I lived it and I now help others to embrace the experience.

Hi, my name is Belinda Hawkins. I am a subconscious-mind therapist and I work with people to help them change unwanted feelings, responses and behaviours. And we can attach a lot of unwanted feelings to the diagnosis of cancer, can’t we.  I specialise in helping people to use their mental resources and heal their emotions as a part of their treatment. My passion is for working with people undergoing chemotherapy because I have been down that path myself. I work with people with all manner of health and emotional challenges to successfully maximise the effects of treatments and their quality of life during healing.

We are only just beginning to understand the power of our minds and emotions, and when harnessed, how much this power can help with our healing.

Scientific research has shown time and time again that anxiety, our belief systems and our expectations have a massive impact on side-effects, such as anticipatory nausea and vomiting (ANV), as well as the effectiveness of treatment and our ability to heal. Isn’t it incredible that at least 1 in 4 people experience anticipated side-effects before the chemo even starts! How’s that for the power of the mind?! And research has shown that a behavioural approach is more effective than medication in overcoming anticipatory side-effects.

What would it mean to you if you could release the anxiety and regain some control over your healing?

Imagine the value of undergoing treatment the easier way at a time when so many things seem out of your control.

Using your inner resources to support your healing is one of the most proactive things you can do for yourself.

By learning better ways of coping both mentally and emotionally with the effects of chemotherapy, many people are relieved to realise just how successful this approach is in helping them regain a sense of wellbeing and control over their own experience.

Embracing Chemo is designed to help you overcome your fear. It will teach you to use your inner resources – which most people don’t even know they have – to minimise the side-effects of chemotherapy while maximising its effectiveness.

Through Embracing Chemo you will:

  • Use your inner resources to alleviate the fear, anxiety and distress associated with cancer diagnosis and treatment
  • Discover help to reduce anticipatory side-effects
  • Address self-esteem and body image issues
  • Learn techniques to manage discomfort and pain
  • Begin the healing of your emotions to support your immune system and reduce the risk of recurrence
  • Become empowered to develop a greater sense of wellbeing and take back control of your experience
  • Celebrate the joy of living

As with many things in life, how you experience chemotherapy is directly related to your state of mind. Allow me to show you how today. Contact me on 0409 619 639 or via email embracingchemo@bigpond.com.

Embracing Chemo is currently available in Canberra. If you are in another region of Australia, please connect with me via the contact page to find a therapist in your area.

4 Responses to “Embracing Chemo”

  1. timgresham Says:

    Hi B,

    I thought you might like to have a look at this society and congress – coming up in Adelaide http://www.noi2012.com/



    1. Thanks Tim,
      It looks fabulous. I love the possibilities of neuroplasticity for all of us!

  2. Thomas Ross Says:

    You are doing such important work. Thank you.

    1. With gratitude for your support.

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